Thursday, 14 April 2011

How to lower your car insurance costs!

Hey everybody, today i'll be making a short post on how to lower your car insurance costs over your lifetime.

To put it simple, the safer driver will get cheaper car insurance, so if you can avoid crashes and keep your no claims bonus intact, over the space of five to ten years, your costs will lower dramatically. The safer you are on the roads (no penalty points, no crashes etc.), the more money you'll save. It's a really simple, yet cost effective, way to combat the rising prices in our everyday life!

Tell this neat tip to your friends who are wanting to save a bit more cash when it comes to car insurance!


  1. neat tip. thanks. look forward to more.

  2. I love your blog, I have another car insurance blog I follow, the 2 of you just have a mass of knowledge. Thank you very much for sharing. It is very appreciated.

  3. I am glad to help you combat the high prices of today's life! The tax is too damn high!

  4. I always check your blog man, looking for new updates. I understand it's hard though, So many things to do :(. Keep up the good work though and don't give up.