Friday, 8 April 2011

Car Insurance! The do's and don'ts!

Hello followers! I'm making this blog about something completely different now! Car insurance!

There is a lot of controversy about car insurance. Why do women get cheaper car insurance? Why do young males get expensive car insurance? How do I find a car insurance company that will protect my no claims bonus? It's a complex issue, and a deep understanding of it is needed if you want to understand how to get the best deals!

I'll start off by talking about a simple topic!

                                                  DRIVING SAFELY
Yes, that's right! If you just drive safely, your car insurance will be substantially lower over the many years. Most car insurance companies check your crash record history, and if you've been in an accident which was your fault, your rates of car insurance payments will rise by a substantial figure! So simply driving safely will help you save big bucks over the course of your life!

                          Picking the company that's right for YOU!

Lots of different companies have different deals. If your parent or guardian has a good car insurance deal, you can get put on their car insurance for as little as 1000 euro! (Being a young male , that is, compared to the usual staggering car insurance prices of over 5000 euro)! Simply asking your family members about their car insurance deals can really save you a lot of money!

If this has helped you, and you want to read more, please tell your friends about it! And post a comment below to give me some feed back! Happy hunting guys! 


  1. Well, if you are an experienced driver you don't really need an insurance. Ofcourse your gender wouuld play a role aswell. Women can't drive as good as men obviously.

  2. Wow, you must have taken your time to write this.

    keep posting.

  3. Thanks guys, comments are really appreciated!

  4. I got a friend who could use that advice "Drive safely" hahaha! Some people don't fully understand the responsibility of driving.