Thursday, 7 April 2011

Should I buy a website? or stay on blogspot?

Hey JB fans! I was thinking if I should get my own website but i'm not great with HTML coding. I wanted a something like "domains yahoo" or "domain name yahoo". That's what my friend told me to look into. I'm not sure about the legal actions i'd need to take, if i'd need a lawyer or anything, to make sure my site is copyrighted.

At the moment my friend is using at t wireless, and he said he had to talk things over with them when he registered his own yahoo domain. He said his site also got spammed, so he had to get an anti spam appliance. Is spamming a big issue? I don't know much about this :( He mentioned something about "administration lease software". I don't even know what that is. If I just get my personal yahoo domain, and talk things over with my ISP, or switch to at t wireless, and talk to them, and possibly get a lawyer if I need to copyright anything on my site, things should go to plan.

If anyone here has any experience with HTML coding please leave a comment or a link to somewhere where I can find help! Thanks! :)


  1. Hey man, cool post, thanks for the follow. I thought I'd let you know, there's a company called dreamweaver, they have an amazing tutorial for html. Just Google Dreamweaver and you'll find the site straight away. They have their own software and training. Also, good websites for webspace are probably like or

    Keep up the JB love.

    ~Youtube Alumni

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  3. Having your own site would be pretty cool, but it'd take a little more work. You could at least get your own domain name. It's fairly easy to set up once you do it and figure it out. It makes you feel cool too. I used but there's plenty of other ones.

  4. Geocities is another good one for web space. It will cost you money out of pocket though